South Carolina Federation of Music Clubs


The encircling band of blue is the loyalty that holds us together. It is tipped with gold that is enduring in our friendship and our music. The eagle of supremacy, with outstretched wings, stands guard above us. Across all rests our symbol, notes reading "My Country Tis of Thee." It is with faith in friendship, country, and God that we stand secure within the bonds of our Federation through music. 

NFMC Collect
We praise and thank Thee, Father, for the gift of Music. Through us, as channels of Thy grace, may this blessed legacy be shared with all mankind. Grant that we may exemplify in our own lives the harmony of thy great purpose for us. Give us magnitude of soul and such understanding hearts that we who make music may be as players upon rightly tuned instruments responding to thy leading. Let us with renewed consecration dedicate ourselves to the purpose of our Federation: to bring the spiritualizing force of music to the inner life of our nation. Open our minds that divine knowledge and wisdom may teach us how best to execute our pledge. Amen 

May Belle Cole (Mrs. Thomas J. Cole)
Excerpts taken from "The Musical Ritual" by Mrs. Frank A. Seiberlinge.